50th Anniversary of the Anti-War Teach-ins on University Campuses

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In March 1965, the first teach-ins against the war on Viet Nam were held on college campuses. 


(l) Lucki Allen (Vietnam) (c) Paul Cox (Vietnam) & Geoff Millard (Iraq) (r) poetry

On March 25, 2015, the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County, Veterans For Peace Chapter 71 and the Sociology Social Justice and Activism Club of Sonoma State held five teach-ins at Sonoma State.

While the United States government is pursuing a program to whitewash the War on Vietnam and exploit service people once again, veterans from the War on Vietnam and the War on Iraq came together to speak the truth about the true costs of war.


(l) Jacob Crabtree (Iraq) & Lynda Williams (nuclear activist) & Geoff Millard (Iraq) (r) Fred Ptucha (Vietnam)

Some of the veterans also told their stories through poetry and fiction.


(l) Shepherd Bliss (Vietnam) (c) Clare Morris (Peace Navy) (r) Pauline Laurent (Vietnam widow)

And some through music.


(l) Peter Tracy (Vietnam) (r) Scott Morrison (Vietnam)


(l) Laurel Krause (sister of Alison Krause, murdered at Kent State by Ohio National Guard)

(c) Bill Simon (Vietnam) & Geoff Millard (Iraq) (r) Lee Swenson (antiwar activist)


(l) Jacob Crabtree (Iraq) & Paul Cox (Vietnam) (c) Lisa Ling (Iraq) (r) Tom Meier (Vietnam)


(l) Martin Lesinski (Vietnam) (c) Ted Sexauer (Vietnam) (r) Tom Meier (Vietnam)


(l) Jacob Crabtree (Vietnam) & Lynda Williams (nuclear activist) (c) Scott Morrison (Vietnam)

(r) Janet Weil (Code Pink)


(l) Geoff Millard (c) Jacob Crabtree (Iraq) & Lynda Williams (anti- nuclear activist) 

Special thanks to SSU student, Shelby Wade, and Vets For Peace members, Ted Sexauer and Bill Simon, who made this all possible