Sentencing Statement by Advisory Board member Christian Stalberg

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Statement read out in a Las Vegas courtroom by Christian Stalberg on April 25, 2017 during his sentencing for an arrest at Creech Air Force Base in 2016:

Your honor, I am here before you today because I was charged with disturbing the peace. In fact, I am here because I was disturbing the war. Specifically, I was acting to stop the drone warfare program being carried out at Creech Air Force base by attempting a citizen’s arrest of the base commander Colonel Case Cunningham. The extrajudicial killings in the countries of Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Syrian, Afghanistan and Libya, which are executed through the drone program from facilities such as Creech Air Force Base, are illegal under both US and international law and constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. The US drone assassination program is in direct violation of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 3, 7 and 10.

Your honor, in addition to the US drone warfare program being carried out at Creech Air Force Base which is illegal, I also acted to stop a program whose results are antithetical to its stated objectives, i.e. stopping terrorism by attempting to kill the terrorists. In truth, the vast majority of drone strike victims are innocent civilians including women and children. The program is actually fueling terrorism rather than stopping it. Killing innocents in wedding and funeral processions only angers the civilian population and leads to the hate of the USA and foments a burning desire for retribution.

Your honor, by disturbing the war at Creech Air Force Base. Specifically, by delaying traffic which include personnel tracking civilians and selecting targets, I hoped that perhaps I might have saved the life of an innocent child who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.